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Allow yourselves to be whisked away to the mystic world of the orient by fine illusions and artful deception. A fakir-show and magic performance fit for variety-theatres. A splendid performance using only original indian and syrian costumes and props!


... in the beach-park " Sandworld " Travemünde august last. . .

feuershow Feuerspucker Feuerschlucker

"...and even if it were only for entertainments sake I would not hesitate a second to resort to magical means to amuse you..."- ALADIN uses his charm and humor to amaze and to please your guests.
Spectcular magic at sales-events with a few hundred spectators or close-up magic at a party with friends, - not only in oriental setting - a vast resort of roles and costumes are at his disposal . Please don´t hesitate to ask. . .



. . precise, safe and circumspect under all conditions
- and in the most varied of social situations

... making friends with the smokers at the table ...


Would you like to have your guests entertained by getting them involved in the action a little ?

For company-events, streetparades, private parties or as a childrens magician for the kids ...

More pictures from "Maredo Steakhouse" company event


       ... a short video-clip from some time ago :

                                         ... those were the days !
  Or would you rather lean back and watch something a little more spectacular ? Using fire or completely without fire - in German or in English language ,
more mystical or more funny .... It´s entirely up to you .....

pics pics pics   :

   Bodyburning (1788 Byte)     Feuerlaufen (1788 Byte)     Nagelbrett (1788 Byte)     Feuerspucken (1788 Byte)     Zauber der Zurna (1788 Byte)     Feuerschlucken (1788 Byte)     Zungenpiercing (1379 Byte)    
Feuerspucken im Wohnzimmer (1220 Byte)
Schwertbalance (1438 Byte)

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